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Post  Redshirt on Sun Jan 26, 2014 10:48 am

Ghin Ghin is gold ghost town north of Yea. Most locals think the chinese got all of the gold but it still holds a few secrets.
Mostly is private property now so check before you detect.

Kilmore Free Press and Counties of Bourke and Dalhousie Advertiser
21 November 1867

"A party of men at the head of the Pales.
tine Lead, Ghin Ghin, picked up this week a
nugget weighing 17oz. about eighteen inches
from the surface, and another p arty of men,
two or three claims away from the latter,Fix this text
washed up a 7oz nugget. Those are the
heaviest finds I have heard of since the place
has been rushed, though I have see pieces
of gold from one claim varying fro' ^. dwts.
to 2oz. It is a curious tfct that the heaviest
gold on this lead is found near the surface,
and I have seen a Odwil piece found under a
tuft of grass."
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Ghin Ghin goldfield Empty Re: Ghin Ghin goldfield

Post  Guest on Sun Jan 26, 2014 11:14 am

Some interesting info there Redshirt, thanks for sharing.  Very Happy 


Mike.  cheers 


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