Hello from Mali in West Africa

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Hello from Mali in West Africa Empty Hello from Mali in West Africa

Post  bkogoldhunter on Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:25 pm

Hello everybody here, im new from Mali in west Africa and i plan to buy a GPX 5000.Mali is the third largest gold producer in Africa after South Africa and Ghana and there are plenty of gold mining companies here like randgold, anglogold and others. Here people are selling their businesses in big cities and buy detectors and it is going well for them. The most used and high quoted is the Gpx series that has been remaned here in local language as "Koundje", mean "white head". People are relly crazy of the gpx and they are getting lot of gold. Now just 5 weeks ago a friend of mine who is telecom engeneer bought one GPX 5000 and send his brother to prospection. The second day he started he found 36 g and 1 week later 205g. My friend made hir ROI from $6500 (Price of GPX 5000 here) in less than one month. He only used the 11" coils and default settings.This is to tell you how interesting could be prospecting here with gpx 5000 if you master it with big coils from coiltek or NF. As most of people using these detectors are illiterate, they only use the default settings with the 11" coils wich come with the device
Im raising money just now to buy one myself. My project is to buy it with more big and powerfull coils and booster.
Please advice me about what coils to take.
Here check the mining projects in Mali

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Hello from Mali in West Africa Empty Re: Hello from Mali in West Africa

Post  Digginerup on Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:39 pm

Hi BKo, Big gold you say eh?, lots of it eh?, what would be the best coils to use?,.... I think my coil with me swinging it would be best for the job Rolling Eyes lol!. no but seriously you probably do ok with a couple of the larger eliptical NFA mono coils to start with, good luck out there Wink

Wayne. cheers
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