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Buyers Beware

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Buyers Beware Empty Buyers Beware

Post  Kon61gold on Sun Feb 12, 2012 10:11 pm

The forum provides the availability for Buying and Selling items through the forum. However we cannot vouch for any member as we don't know them. Whilst 99% of transactions are ok and are carried out by reputable members and there are no problems, there is that odd occasion when a problem will occur. The forum bears no responsibility for any transaction undertaken and it is up to the buyers and sellers to carry out their own checks on the persons worthiness to carry out the transactions.

I suggest that before entering into a transaction, that
- you should look at the time the person has been on the forum,
- how many posts they have done and
- read some of them for it will tell you the type of character they are.
You should then be able to form an opinion of their worthiness.
If in doubt ask them for other information such as name and address, their drivers licence, maybe a picture, do they belong to a club, what other people do they know on the forum and their "handle" and a phone number. Remember most members are ok, but you have to be happy yourself.

We have had situations occur when, after 1 or 2 posts, a scammer will offer an item for sale and the buyer has lost his money. - Carry out your credit check above first and then you will be more comfortable.

Make sure there is a reasonable description of the goods and the price wanted. However it has been brought to our attention, that when an item is sold, then that should be added to the original topic as well to save members from sending useless emails requesting further info.

Also an message to one of the moderators can delete the item for you as we do often when an item is sold.

Thanks to those who already do this, however to those who don't, please assist us all and let other members know what is happening.


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Buyers Beware Empty Re: Buyers Beware

Post  kon61 on Tue Jun 03, 2014 1:40 am

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