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PDF BOOK Geological Survey Of NSW

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PDF BOOK Geological Survey Of NSW Empty PDF BOOK Geological Survey Of NSW

Post  Guest Fri Apr 29, 2011 8:09 am

Geological Survey Of NSW

Irregular Deposits, such as Masses of Ironstone containing Gold

Srnall deposits of gold-bearing iron ore were worked at Mount Allen, about 12 miles from Mount Hope. The
presence of gold was not detected until a considerable quantity of Iron ore had been removed for use as a flux for
siliceous copper ores smelted by the New Mount Hope Copper Mining Company.
The Mount Allen Gold Mining Company worked a mass of ironstone which outcropped over an area 60 feet
long and 30 feet wide. The country rocks were formed of contorted slates of Silurian age. the ironstone being
disposed on the crest of an anticlinal fold. In places the slates were gold-bearihg, particularly on the cleavage
planes, where fine scales of gold were found. The iron ore consisted chiefly of hematite, with some magnetite.
Small quantities of bismuth were present in addition to gold.


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