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***If Dogs Could Talk ***

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 ***If Dogs Could Talk *** Empty ***If Dogs Could Talk ***

Post  Goldfields Explorer on Fri Apr 01, 2011 5:12 pm

A gold detecting trip out the back of meekatharra in the sticks
Myself and brother decided on Taking a city slicker fella out swinging for few days trip.
He brought along everything you could imagine almost the kitchn sink.
Our 4 Wheel drive's were parked in a circle around the edge of the campfire,
My 2 dogs tied up to the bar of 4 wheel drive and seemed happy and content as they know the drill.
After camp was set up the moon gave us perfect light to try our luck
My brother and i hit a few pieces to reward us for our time spent already,
The city slicker didnt have any luck so he said' Ahh well i am gunna turn in for the night
Its been a long day. " yeah ok dude i repied .
He made his way back to campfire to hit the ole fart sack .
The night air was starting to get cold some time later, so we thought thats enough for
Tonight we walked back to the campfire ,To find mr city slicker dude wrapped up in
Strange looking bed thing that resembled a spaceship ready for blast off parked beside
The fire . Complete with a water bottle pouch attached to the side swingin in the breeze.

He was fast alseep and snoring his head off Good god Ive never heard anyone in my life
Snore That loud and contantly it sounded like chaff cutter that had a busted bearing
Even my 2 dogs had strange looks on there faces the poor buggers couldnt get any sleep either
With that dam ole chaff cutter rattling away into the night going 40 to the dozen and a high pitched squiel sound
I knew then sleep for us would be out of the question ' Anyhow we had to at least try get
Rest or We would be feeling stuffed for the next day of swingin.
My dogs started barking at some strange sounds into the bush to the east
The noise was very low sounds which was enough to alert my dogs
Something was out there 'It turned out to be cattle moving around in the distance.
when i am out in the bush no one can sneek up to our campfire unless they've got chop tied around your kneck
So the dogs we're on edge and continued to be un-settled Barking at the direction , The barking dogs woke up the city
City slicker From his peaceful so called sleep Kinda like f###k you jack i'm alright.
He started yelling loudly shut up you f###king mongrels i cant get any sleep .
I quickly replied back to defend my dogs Hey cobber if these dogs could talk they'd be
kickin your butt and Telling you to f###k off and draggin ya swag 2kms away down the track
Becoz your dam snoring sounds like chaff cutter with stuffed bearing mate !
Next mornin it was the main topic for a well deserved chuckle while detecting

Cheerz From The Goldfields Explorer

Goldfields Explorer
Goldfields Explorer
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