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EV's and ICE vehicle Purchase/Comparison/Thoughts.(Off Topic)

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EV's and ICE vehicle Purchase/Comparison/Thoughts.(Off Topic) Empty EV's and ICE vehicle Purchase/Comparison/Thoughts.(Off Topic)

Post  PeterInSa Fri Dec 31, 2021 9:10 pm

2 or 3 years ago we purchased a 2nd hand, 2year old, low K's Yaris for around $18,000.

This 1.3Lt automatic published fuel figures suggest using 4.5Lt of fuel per 100Km, the manual 3.3Lt/100Km.

The vehicle is used as a run around/shopping trolley, the back seat can be folded down for larger items, in lieu of taking our Landcruiser out.

To me our use is typical of what an EV could do, charged up every night by our Solar if we installed batteries.

But with EV's costing in the range of 65K, I cannot see it being a viable option for people like us in the near future only doing between 100-200Km a week. Then its the cost of the battery for solar storage and maybe extending the solar on the roof.

I have read that the take up in some European countries is because of the EV costing around the same price as an ICE vehicle plus no sales tax. I cannot see an Oz government doing this, so it will be up to corporates with Tax write offs ( I had a company car, with fuel for 1/2 my working life as well as a 2nd car for SWMBO) or governments departments to buy new to swell the ranks of used EV's and then its the cost of replacement batteries for the new owner in a couple or years or so..

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EV's and ICE vehicle Purchase/Comparison/Thoughts.(Off Topic) Empty Re: EV's and ICE vehicle Purchase/Comparison/Thoughts.(Off Topic)

Post  GPZhunter Sat Jan 01, 2022 6:13 pm

In Australia we are paying the world high price for EVs.
For most people under current prices EVs are unaffordable for most of us.

As global production switches to more EVs, towards 2025 the prices in Australia are set to fall?
China has heavily invested in EV production and is intent on dominating the global market.

There are a few advantages of EVs for City & Suburban motoring, like many short trips.
Lots of wear and tare occurs in conventional ICE engines when doing a lot of short urban trips, however this is not an issue with EVs.
Recently petrol costs got very close to $2.00 a litre in Australia and I can't see them falling anytime soon especially if our Governments
set Net Zero targets and penalise conventional fossil fuels.

You say you want to charge with batteries overnight, charged from your solar during the day?
How successful this is would depend on your set up? The slow charge option for EVs is plugging in to a 10A power point, so your maximum current draw would not exceed 2.3kw, it can take around 26 hours to re-charge your EV via a 10A outlet. Feed in tariffs are set to fall Nationally to around 5c / kwhr, so much more value can be gained by charging an EV with your excess solar.

If I were an electronic design engineer, I would design and release to the market an EV charger that diverted all my surplus Solar energy into re-charging an EV, rather than the the low return on offer from FIT rates.
I just did the final analysis of my solar system performance for 2021, self consumed 28% of solar generated power, with the surplus I could run an EV for around 15,000 - 17,500 km.

I also looked at the price of grid charging at my two rates, peak and off peak, adding Victorias EV tax running costs are much lower for an EV using an example petrol price of $1.75.
I think for Prospectors that like their large 4WD for trips and towing best to stick with what you have for your primary prospecting car, though there seems to be many advantages of a second run about car been an EV.
Mums Taxi category been a good option for EVs in City & Suburban car travel.

Happy new year 2022

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