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Post  Kon61gold Tue Dec 14, 2021 7:59 am

G'day fellow detectorists

From this day forth, any post or writeup that is found to be degrading, demeaning, inciting or that of showing signs of disrespect towards another, shall be taken down with a warning given to the poster. Put up another one of similar intention & one will quickly find themselves well on their way to a short holiday. Come back from your holiday guns a blazing & you will no longer be welcome on this forum.
I have been patient, tolerant & lenient towards some members on here who seek to bring nothing but disrepute between others long enough. This type of disgruntled, vengeful & spiteful feuding, all ends from today.
If a member cannot discuss/debate with another in a civil respectful manner, then discuss nothing at all. I cannot allow this forum to constantly fall in disrepute. It is both unhealthy for the parties concerned, as well as the integrity of this forum.
The majority of members on here go about in doing the right thing by one another, contributing in a positive manner, only to have them fearful of being ridiculed, sworn at or criticised by a handfull few who care little in way of respect for others.
From now on, If anyone feels they can't abide by the rules of this forum, please do yourselves a favour by not posting anything up at all, for it will be short lived.
Shame that where understanding through common sense is sought, all I get in return is blatant disrespect by the few on here, who just don't care.


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