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A bloke is walking down the main street of Leonora and notices a sign on an old shopfront window Talking Dog $10.00.He walks into the shop a sees a dog sitting on a chair.The bloke looks at him and is stunned when the dog says "Hello".He asks the dog can he tell him a little bit about himself.The dog replies "When I was younger I was a forward scout for the Army ,I would go into enemy territory listen to their battleplans and report back to my commander.After that I was contracted by the CIA and did a lot of undercover work and then for years I was a gameshow host.I'm retired now and help my master prospecting for gold,I have a very sensitive nose and have been able to sniff kilos of gold.At that moment a bedraggled old prospector with not two sticks to rub together appears from the back of the shop.The bloke asks him why he is selling his dog.The old prospector replies "Coz he's a bloody liar".


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