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Knew to gold prospecting

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Knew to gold prospecting Empty Knew to gold prospecting

Post  Tatjana Wed Apr 29, 2020 9:38 pm

Hi guys,
I’ve been watching too much of the gold prospecting shows on t.v, I’m from NSW would like to take my boys on a four week adventure with detecting gold, not sure where to start, or how to obtain a permit, was thinking of going to VIC, but need some help on where to go and how to go about permits.

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Knew to gold prospecting Empty Re: Knew to gold prospecting

Post  moredeep Wed Apr 29, 2020 9:54 pm

Welcome to the forum Tatjana,in Vic all you need is a miners right which you can get online.
plenty of crown land and lots of historic gold towns.
4 weeks is a long time to try and keep some boys entertained with prospecting.
Hang around Bendigo /whipstick area,check out central Deborah mine.
Ballarat/sovereign hill,lots of gold/tourist stuff to do.
Plenty of info on the forum.
Keep in mind there are lots of open shafts in the gold fields.
And remember nothing will happen/open until covid restrictions are lifted.
Have fun and good luck.

Cheers   moredeep

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Knew to gold prospecting Empty Re: Knew to gold prospecting

Post  Travelergold Thu Apr 30, 2020 10:32 am

Tatjana, prospecting can be a good hobby. But all you see on the tv shows about just walking with a detector and picking up gold is not what it seems. A lot of it is set up. Gold is hard to find at the best of times. But some research will make it easier. Some people will never recover costs of there machine, but it is the enjoyment and being out in the bush enjoying the surroundings,  bugs, lizards,  bird life, sounds ect that also add to the experience.  Cheap detectors will probably not find gold, but if you buy a gold detector then you have much more chance. I hope I have not put you off. There is nothing like unearthing a gold nugget that has just been waiting to be found.   Good luck and I hope that you and your boys fing gold and enjoy the time looking. TG

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Knew to gold prospecting Empty Bugs Lizards birdlife

Post  FreeFrog Fri Jun 26, 2020 5:02 pm

Reading about bugs and lizards reminder me of a day panning in the creek at Gympie. Suggested grandson cross creek (3m) and try his luck in creek wall. One minute later he walked on water and a snake shot out the opposite direction. So funny it made the goldless trip a warm memory.

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