Meet the Gold Squad.

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Meet the Gold Squad. Empty Meet the Gold Squad.

Post  ski29214 on Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:08 am

The gold squad has been hunting thieves for 100 years — and business is booming.

The price of gold has never been higher against the Australian dollar, and neither has the temptation to steal it.

Key points:
•The squad travels all over WA and the NT, inspecting every gold mine at least twice a year
•Mining companies have paid for the service since 1907
•Stories of black sludge and murder have marked the Gold Squad's history

As gold miners from around the country gather in Kalgoorlie for the annual Diggers and Dealers mining conference, the Gold Stealing Detection Unit (GSDU) in the Goldfields city is as busy as it was when it began in 1907.

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Meet the Gold Squad. Empty Re: Meet the Gold Squad.

Post  gef50 on Mon Jan 13, 2020 5:08 pm

Sorry ...
NO GOLD Squad in the NT ...
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