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Post  Goldfields Explorer Wed Oct 08, 2014 6:56 pm

Howdy all '
Howz things going along out there on the land, I must say I am very happy with the 20'inch Nugget Finder round coil
Attached to my trusty old GPX4000 although I cant say I haven't walked over anything that is nice yet except a few 8 Grammers/
3's -1 and half's ,A Few weeks ago I have been nailing deep small gold beside a creek 0.4 of a gram at a depth of about 6 inches '
I have a very good coil selection range which aren't much good to you unless your working some well known old patch
As a man can have all the coils in the world and experience to go with it, And you wont do you any good unless you happen to walk over it
And hear a whisper noise making you stop in the first place. I would like to own another 2 coils which will be the nugget finder 30 x 7
The old XP Phaze Coil if I can ever get my hands on one Cheers To All GFE '

My coil collection I own goes like this '
14 x 12 Mono Gold stalker
platypus 12 x 11 DD
Little Joey 10 x 5 DD
24 X 12 DD Big Red
24 x 12 Mono
Nugget Finder 17 inch Mono
Nugget Finder 20 inch Mono
40 x 20 Coiltek Drag Coil
18 inch Coiltek round mono
2 x Standard Minelab DD Coils
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Goldfields Explorer
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