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Aussie Garrett Atx the same as the American.

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Aussie Garrett Atx the same as the American. Empty Aussie Garrett Atx the same as the American.

Post  aussigaz on Mon Aug 04, 2014 6:17 pm

Was checking out the price difference between the Aust ATX here and in the USA. Big difference in price.
So i called a dealer and they said they are totally difference machines. Aust one is built for Aust conditions and the imported ones
don't work here or recognized here by dealers etc.


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Aussie Garrett Atx the same as the American. Empty Garrett AT Pro

Post  SunriseBoy on Sun Dec 14, 2014 10:04 pm

The AT Pro has only one minor difference and that is the range of tones for coins etc. I've got one of these and have compared it with the "International" and if you had a blind fold on you couldn't pick the difference.

I've been using mine on the beach in Cairns and it is a great unit for the beach and parks. If something's in or on the ground it'll hit on it, no worries. But it doesn't like hard work to find gold so I'm told. Hence, mine's for sale right now as I'm heading to the various goldfields being a Grey Nomad now.

And yes your right about the dealers not touching them here. But Phil over in Sth Oz fixes them.

And yes, there's big difference in price, $720 Oz money over there compared to $975 here. That's why mine came from the US. I'm tired of the same old crapola from "dealers" who wring their hands a break down into tears when they try and tell you what they have to go through to get them here. What a load of old bollocks. If the units are under a K (Oz money), they come in duty free but dealers on the net can't send Garrett internationally. Garrett US has this "franchise" setup where they sell a franchise into a country and the owners charge what they like. The traders are sooking business is slow. My bloody oath it's slow...what do you expect when you charge dumb schmucks like me hideous prices as mentioned above. If they lived in the US, they'd go out of business. It stumps me why people are dumb enough to pay such prices like that.

Nuts to greedy traders!


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