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Post  HappyProspector2013 on Mon Apr 22, 2013 4:29 pm

HI Everyone
My name is Tony and I'm from SA - I am so new to this that I haven't even got a detector yet Smile
I have read a lot about the different series that minelab has - SD, GP, GPX but haven't quite got my head around which detectors belong to which series and what the advantages/disadvantages of each are. I am pretty sure the GPX are PI (Pulse) detectors and include the 4000, 4500, 4800 and 5000 - the bees knees of detectors. I think the GP series include the earlier pulse detectors such as the 2000, 3000, 3500 etc.
Not sure what the SD series is about but I think they were earlier versions again such as 2020, 3030 - is this correct?
What series do the X-terra, Eureka, Excalibur fit into?
Now the big question - I'm thinking of an X-Terra 705 dual machine to start with, mainly because it seems to me it is one of the few reasonably priced 'all-rounders' that suits both beach and goldfield detecting. It is also reasonably priced at about $1000 - not a big outlay for a newbie such as I to try the hobby. Would others agree with that? Or am I completely on the wrong track?
I live in a beach area and thought that I would like to detect for coins, relics etc. on the beach, but I also have a strong interest in getting out bush to try for gold nuggets. So I want a machine that will do both (initially).
I know the 5000 is the ultimate and I may purchase one in times to come, but for now and as a way of 'getting my feet wet' - what machine do others recommend.
Lastly (for now lol) Does anyone have any experience detecting in, or around the Flinders Ranges in SA (is it even legal?). I don't want (or expect) you to tell me specific spots, but perhaps some general hints as to whether I'd be wasting my time or not would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to reading more from the wise members of this informative group.
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Minelab Series - Detectors Empty Re: Minelab Series - Detectors

Post  Guest on Mon Apr 22, 2013 5:00 pm

Hi Tony and welcome to the forum. cheers

You can read little bit about Minelab products here:

You will notice there are 3 sections adventure, treasure and gold detectors.

Minelab CTX3030 is the the latest Treasure machine on the market.

Minelab Gpx5000 is the top of the range detector.

If you close to the beach then it might be good idea to start with one for coins etc.

There are few members form SA so they might give you some idea regarding detecting spots.


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