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A practical hand-book for miners

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A practical hand-book for miners Empty A practical hand-book for miners

Post  Guest Mon Mar 25, 2013 12:56 pm

A practical hand-book for miners

If you want to down load the book click the below link



Several years have elapsed since the first edition of this work was issued, under the title of The Miner's Companion And Guide. Since then, another edition has been called for and exhausted; and I have received so many applications for more, that a third edition is evidently needed. For these proofs of the popularity of the work I can not but feel pleased and grateful; and to show that gratitude, as well as to meet my own idea of what will do most good, I have revised the original editions, and made so many important and useful additions, as to render it almost a new work, much larger (although still of convenient pocket-size) and infinitely more valuable, not only from the amount of added material for the study and guidance of the practical miner, metallurgist and embryo assayer, but because also of the copious engravings that illustrate the same, so that even the uneducated mind will readily grasp both principles and details.
Since the first edition was issued, the field for such a work has been enlarged to such an extent that we now see Nevada, Colorado, California, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Washington Territory, New-Mexico, and Montana pouring forth untold treasures into the lap of the United States. Nor these alone. Since the close of the late rebellion a decided movement has taken place in the development of mines in Southern States, so that with the evident advantages of free over slave labour, we may soon expect to see Virginia and North and South-Carolina standing high in the list of prosperous mining States. Vermont and New-Hampshire, Missouri and New-Jersey,
S Wisconsin and Illinois, will hereafter occupy a creditable position on the same scale, and now, within the past month, Minnesota wheels into the line of gold-bearing States. The value of such a work as this in forwarding and in a measure guiding the developments continually going on over so large a surface of the Republic can not easily be estimated. I hope and have intended that the practical miner shall find it indispensable, and, with this end in view, have employed the simplest phraseology of the vernacular. The portion devoted to tests. by blowpipe assay will be easily comprehended by all.
One of the most important features of the present edition is that in which the metallurgy of the precious metals is treated of. In it I have endeavoured to embody all the processes for the reduction and manipulalation of the precious ores heretofore successfully employed in Germany, England, Mexico and the United States, together with such as have been more recently invented, and not yet fully tested—all of which are profusely illustrated and easy of comprehension.
The legal profession and capitalists engaged in mining enterprises will find in it a most important Digest of State and District mining laws, rules and regulations, established in various localities throughout the country, together with Acts of Congress bearing thereon.
Having expended much time and money, with the valuable assistance of other scientific men, I have endeavoured to make this Practical Hand-book for Miners, Metallurgists, and Assayers the greatest possible success in contributing to the development of the mineral resources of this great country. With that hope I place it in the hands of the public. Julius Silversmith.




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