Where to go detecting in Ballarat

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Where to go detecting in Ballarat Empty Where to go detecting in Ballarat

Post  Sauce on Fri Mar 01, 2013 9:48 am

Hi,Im new to this forum and very new to detecting.I have a van at Laanecoorie but was thinking about going for a day trip to Ballarat tomorrow.Can anyone give me any information on where I should go in Ballarat?Would be much appreciated.


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Where to go detecting in Ballarat Empty Re: Where to go detecting in Ballarat

Post  CostasDee on Fri Mar 01, 2013 9:56 am

Q31 to the forum Sauce. I've never detected around there so I'm no help, but hopefully someone might add something here to help you. Maybe have a look in the Vic Goldfields section of the forum and do a search on "Ballarat". Should be able to find something I think. Good luck tomorrow.

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Where to go detecting in Ballarat Empty Re: Where to go detecting in Ballarat

Post  kon61 on Fri Mar 01, 2013 3:35 pm

G'day Sauce,welcome to the forum.

There are plenty of places around Ballarat to swing a coil over. Berringa, Smythesdale, Napoleans, Wendouree, Buninyong,Mount Misery creek,are to name just a few.Get yourself some book or topographic maps depicting the areas where prospecting is allowed in and around the district of Ballarat and take it from there. What a Face

Cheers kon61.

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Where to go detecting in Ballarat Empty Re: Where to go detecting in Ballarat

Post  Guest on Fri Mar 01, 2013 7:09 pm

If your new to gold prospecting visit Sovreign Hill!
You can try your hand at gold prospecting by panning in the creek!
There is gold to be found in most pans! Gold Museum has a grand display of real nuggets!
Oh and the mine tour is fun!

I have found a little nugget just under a gram at Linton, it was my first gold with a detector!
There is a lot of spent bullets laying about in the hills around Ballarat, sound like little nuggets?

I tend to concentrate in areas with lots of diggings and many trash targets!
Did find a patch more in the golden triangle just last week, almost an ounce in nuggets for the day!
A revisit got me no gold targets? Next trip going to scan in a wider radius from the patch site, as there is a large area of diggings
and many trash targets still deep in the ground. I am running the flagship GPX5000, fairly new to gold detecting, took a while to
grasp the finer points of the machine!

Learned much by reading the posts about settings, Minelab instruction manual and JP DVDs!
The key is to go low and slow, try not to cover an entire goldfield in an afternoon session! LOL
Concentrate on the weak signals and aim to keep a stable threshold!
Try and master all settings and options of the machine! Be prepared to make frequent adjustments in hot ground!
It in the hot ground where many good targets have been out of reach to previous technology!

I remove the trash targets from the field so none else has to re-dig them, i fill in my holes and the unfilled ones of others!
The gold gods are now rewarding me! I am stoked, this is the best hobby i have ever tried, between weekend visits i am researching my possible areas
of interest! Maybe heading west with the hoards this winter as i have never visited the Australian outback! Hoping the red dirt produces some WA gold!



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