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Favourite 'Gold' Books - Victorian focus

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Favourite 'Gold' Books - Victorian focus Empty Favourite 'Gold' Books - Victorian focus

Post  pipeclay on Thu Jul 26, 2012 8:51 pm

Books that I have that have helped me understand the goldfields (and the hardships the old timers faced). As listed below and the details are for the books I have.

The History of Gold Discovery in Victoria - James Flett (Hardcover - 1979 edition.) (The best book in my opinion)
Dunolly - James Flett (Soft cover) I believe the Vic Govt bookshop has them still at $29 ish.
Prospecting for Gold - Ion Idriess (I have the 1982 paperback edition. 1st edition a bit beyond my wages) (Great book for general knowledge especiaily loaming)
The Victorian Propspectors Guide and Handbook (soft cover - 11th edition - 2009)
The Goldfields and Mineral Districts of Victoria - R Brough-Smyth (1869) - electronic version. The Bible of Victorian gold according to some.
The Prospectors Handbook - R Brough-Smyth (1869) - electronic version.
The Golden Age - Geoffrey Serle. (Hardcover 1963)
Ghost Towns of Australia - George Farwell (Paperback 1980 - 1st published 1980 but never revised.) - even has a place called Pipeclay!!
The Gold Rushes of the Fifties - W E Adcock (paperback 1977)
The Travellers Guide to the Goldfields History and Natural Heritage trails (Victoria) - various contributors - (soft cover 2006) I paid $30. Very good general read.
Shepherds Gold - The story of Stawell - C E Sayers (hard cover 1966)

There are obviolusy a lot more and there is a lot of electronic info available. The above are just my favourites and bought second-hand - except for the newer ones as noted. Anyone like to add to the list?


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Favourite 'Gold' Books - Victorian focus Empty Re: Favourite 'Gold' Books - Victorian focus

Post  Minermike on Sun Sep 02, 2012 4:56 pm

The Victorian Gold Fields. 1852-3. An original album by S.T. Gill Published by John Curry 1982. ISBN 0 85902 312 5 Great plates, as drawn by S.T. Gill in 1852-3.

Goldfields Reminiscences. Castlemaine's Golden Era. Reprinted in 1977 S.J. Tingay. ISBN 0 9596725 0 8

First published in 1884 and has a lot of reprints from the papers of the day, stating how much gold had been won by the diggers. Will make you drool , the amount of gold the old timers found....
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