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I wonder ????

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I wonder ???? Empty I wonder ????

Post  Guest Thu Feb 02, 2012 7:49 am


The other day while detecting a local beach I came across a hat, not just any hat, the exact same colour and style of hat that that was blown off my head while walking one afternoon alongside the estuary in town, anyway this was a Blue Bali Bintang hat. Mad

I bought this while on a cruise stopover in Bali a couple of years ago, wore it all over the place and about the ship on the way back, I was annoyed at loosing it at the time and my wife laughed that in a week or two we would probably see someone else walk past with it on. Razz

Well this particular hat now looked somewhat water worn and faded, but definately the same style of hat, the beach I found it on is about 7 klms south of the estuary mouth, so I wonder if it was possible that this hat would have survived that long and then washed up on a beach that I go to on occasion???? Question

Stranger things have happened I guess




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