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Post  goldhog22 on Fri Jun 19, 2009 10:41 pm

Just out from Leonora WA. last month A friend who will not be named was wavin the coil around and saw a little dog runnig from bush to bush. Thinking some one was near, He called out and looked around , but nothing ,no one. He had a jam sandwitch and the little dog ate that in a flash then drank a cup of water.. Ok this little guy was lost, not only lost but in Dingo and 1080 land.. So they walked back to the 4 wheel drive . The dog jumped in and made him self at home..The friend toots the horn but no one came.. He starts to drive back to camp... After a k and a half and at a bush crossroad along came a 4 wheel drive and caravan .. Both stopped as you do and started to talk ..No gold ect all that stuff. then the lady said they had lost their dog three days ago and had been looking for him all that time..They were now going back to Perth..The friend said dose he look like him, pointing at the little black thing sleeping on the seat.. Tears were shed and some one went back home with some thing more walueable than gold.. Five minetes each way and they would have missed each other. And for the dog to spend 3 days in that part of the bush and come out alive ..ok you get it lucky was Mate ...Bob ..on behalf of a friend ...a true story..


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Post  Kon61gold on Sun Jun 21, 2009 4:42 pm

So many yarns are like that, there must be some one up looking after us.

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