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Rules Regarding "Items Wanted/For Sale"...

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Rules Regarding "Items Wanted/For Sale"...  Empty Rules Regarding "Items Wanted/For Sale"...

Post  kon61 Sat Jul 30, 2011 11:48 pm

G'day Ladies & Gents.
                                                                 Rules for "Items Wanted/For Sale"
      1) The administration of the forum take no responsibility for any transactions offered or accepted in the "Items Wanted or For Sale" section.

      2) To sell or buy any Items through this forum,members must have made at least 10 positive contributions to the forum in order for other members to gauge your manner and through this way you would have agreed to the rules of the forum through "Respect for Others".We have had hundreds of  successful,member transactions in the past,so please ensure this is maintained.

      3) The price of the items in question must have a price on them,as well as an adequate description of goods and any other related options regarding description or handling of the goods,such as if delivery cost is included or negotiable.

      4) On agreeing to a transaction,both members must exchange their name,address and contact number and agree to the type of payment to be made and the date the items will be sent.This is to be a private transaction and to be kept between the members involved. It has been strongly recommended by members to use registered/Insured C.O.D via Australia Post so as to ensure prompt pick up and payment of goods upon delivery.

      5) There will be a time limit of 30 days for Items wanted to buy or Items for Sale,before posts are automatically deleted.Members will have the option of re-advertising there unsold Items after the deletion date.
      6) All members advertising the selling or buying of Items on this Forum are requested to Inform members that Item has been "SOLD" or that "ITEM STILL AVAILABLE" when asked by other members within the 30 day advertising period.Posts that have not been questioned or replied to for a period of 30 days will also be subject to deletion.

      7) All Items advertised FOR SALE,(which are aimed at selling,directly to another member through this forum) "MUST" Include a total $ price tag of Item/s being sold.
      8)Items in the "For Sale" section,that do not relate in the direct selling of goods to any member of this forum,but are advertised as being sold on another website such as E/bay or Gumtree etc.need not be described in full detail on this forum,nor have a specific price put on the Item/s in question,but Instead,be referred to or redirected by the seller,to the Items appropriate website listing & details.        

      9.) Should an Item be posted "For Sale",where the posting criteria is not met,it will be monitored by management and maybe withdrawn if it is deemed inappropriate.

     10) Posts by members,that do not directly relate to the "Items Wanted or For Sale" category,will be moved to an appropriate Topic Section.

     11) Any queries regarding "Items for Sale Rules" should be addressed to any one of our admin personnel.
     12) Any member that cannot or does not abide by the above mentioned rules regarding the Sale of any Item on this Forum "WILL" have their advertising post "DELETED"      

             Cheers Admin. What a Face

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