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Spat The Dummy..... Empty Spat The Dummy.....

Post  kon61 on Sat Jul 16, 2011 7:31 pm

G'day fellow Prospectors.

Took my son out to a gully just outside Irishtown Vic for a swing of the coil and hopefully teach him something about prospecting.The days conditions were beautiful but digging in a waterlogged gully was a nightmare.Junk target after junk target in mud and slosh.Later that afternoon,walking some distance downslope along the bedded gully by the side of a 2x4 meter pool of water on the grassy bank I received a faint but clear mellow signal.My son scraped away the first inch of dirt off the top and the signal started to come in a little clearer and stronger.I took the pick off my son and told him this one sounds good,let me dig it out for ya.He handed me the pick I took a comfy posy and let the pick rip into the ground.The moment the pick struck into the soft grass and dirt,I hear this croaking frog sound.The harder I swung into the earth the louder the frog croaked.That's when I spat the dummy.Ohrr,this can't be happening,enough's enough,who's working who here,I said to my young bloke.Right,machine to the side took off my harness reached into my jacket pocket,pulled out my Swiss army pocket knife but the moment I extended the and clicked into position the blade,all croaking stopped.Wait a few seconds I said to my son,if where quiet,his bound to start croaking again.We waited and waited,nothing.not a whisper.Damn this,we searched all in and around the pool but couldn't spot a thing.I'v had a guttfull.Time to pack it in and give it away for the day. My son agreed.That's one lucky frog hey dad?your not wrong there son.He's lucky I didn't get my hands around that throat of his or he'd be croaking from somewhere else.

Cheers Guys kon61.

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