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Downloading Pictures To This Site

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Downloading Pictures To This Site Empty Downloading Pictures To This Site

Post  Kon61gold Sun Feb 20, 2022 9:53 pm

Hopefully these step by step instructions, will better help members explain/understand on how to download pictures from their computer or phone to this site.
Firstly, get into "New Topic or Post Reply", then onto your Tool Bar (the strip of Icons on a computer display which provides quick access to certain functions)
Choose the Icon "Host an image"
Then Click onto "Select Files" which in turn should pop up your stored photos from your computer.
Click onto your desired photo.
Next step is choosing size of photo one wants to display eg, 800 px width.
Next step is to click on "Send Image" to the selected category but wait till your download is complete, before clicking onto "Insert image in the editor" which should then transfer your link of desired photo on to your post.
Prior to pressing "Send", click on to "Preview" in order to see that all is OK with your photo image, before pressing "Send" confirming your desired image.

Cheers Kon  T25

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