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Where and How to Find Gold in Australia

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Where and How to Find Gold in Australia Empty Where and How to Find Gold in Australia

Post  granite2 on Fri Jan 08, 2021 4:49 pm



This is the complete collection of books written by myself. There are 6 gold prospecting books in the GOLD series of books. Each book is full of photos, Google Earth images, GPS way-points and general maps and information.

These are:

PROSPECTING QUEENSLAND: a loose collection of information covering a good deal of that state and while it isn’t strictly in book form it nevertheless provides a good deal of information for the ardent prospector. Normally $24

ARARAT GOLD: VICTORIA. This is the only definitive guide to prospecting the Ararat, Deep Lead and Londonderry goldfields ever written and is an invaluable guide for anyone detecting there. Normally $24

PROSPECTING WA: WESTERN AUSTRALIA. This book has become the bible for anyone prospecting WA for the first time and even those more experienced in the huge expanse of gold producing country in WA value its information. It includes many photos, maps, GPS Waypoints and a great deal of information including whether or not phone coverage is available in each area. Normally $34

MENZIES TO WILUNA: WESTERN AUSTRALIA. Covers many of the good gold producing goldfields from Menzies in the south to Wiluna and Mt Eureka in the north. As with Prospecting WA it includes many photos, maps, GPS way-points and good common sense advice. Normally $24

TIBOOBURRA GOLD: NORTHERN NEW SOUTH WALES. Is the only book written on how and where to find gold at Tibooburra.Right up to date as of September 2020 it tells you all you need to know for a successful prospecting trip into the incredible corner country. Normally $24

SANDSTONE GOLD; WESTERN AUSTRALIA. Sandstone is one of the premier nugget goldfields in WA. In 2016 a patch was found on new ground that contained over 100 ounces. Another prospector found an 18ouncer on old scrapes so there is definitely more gold to be found there. On top of the big finds many people did very well from the huge amounts of small gold still to be found there. We did very well for the week we stayed there and our notes are included in the update included in this book. Normally $24


NUGGET HUNTING MADE EASY: all you need to know about getting into gold prospecting in one volume. Written in simple easy to understand terms without the usual jargon you would normally find in this kind of book. Read it once and you are on your way to becoming a successful gold prospector. Normally $24

COIN HUNTING MADE EASY: This book will guide you through the difficult task of selecting the right detector for you and follows on with huge amounts of down to earth good advice. This book will have you finding coins and jewellery on your first outing. Normally $24

NUGGET JEWELLERY MADE EASY: making your own nuggets into natural gold nugget jewellery value adds your gold. You can easily make pendants and ear rings following the guidance in this book. From then on it is only your imagination that can limit your creativity. Everything from the tools you need and where to source them to simply written instructions of how to select, clean, solder and polish your newly made jewellery is included. You can sell your values added jewellery at markets or simply use them for personalized gifts for your family and friends. Normally $24


ON BENDIGO follows the fortunes of two young prospectors, Harry Forrester and Fee Kim who get onto the fabulous Bendigo goldfields in Victoria early. Amongst the lucky few first dozen on the field they make an incredible fortune first on the alluvial fields then on deep hard rock mining following the rich quartz reef they name the Great Celestial Mine. But before they can claim its riches they must fight off claim jumpers, endure raging bush fires and fight off a push by their richest competitor who will stop at nothing to grasp their rich mine. This is a book that any prospector will enjoy, the villains are villains and the goodies admirable while the women leave nothing to the imagination. Normally $12

GUN POWDER GOLD: on the wildest goldfields of Australia, the Palmer River gold field, Queensland, gold was easy to find but you had to burn a great deal of gun powder to keep it. Following on the further adventures of Harry and Fee Gunpowder Gold is another book you won’t want to put down. It has everything you’d want in such a book. The baddies are hissable and the goodies not all that good but the ladies are willing and in the wilderness that is the Palmer River and the even wilder Cooktown anything can happen and often does. Normally $12

XIANG AND THE NEW GOLD MOUNTAIN: follows the adventures of Xiang and his friend Ah Silah Joy as they travel from their home in China across the seas to Australia to find their fortunes. Shipwrecked at Robe in South Australia they and 700 other Chines gold seekers make their way overland to Ararat where they discover the incredibly rich Canton lead. But finding gold is one thing,keeping it is another when you are Chinese. This story has what every good action book should have, pirates, storms at sea and on land, claim jumpers,fever and good old swash buckling action as our hero’s fight for their gold and their lives as they race for home to save Xiang’s boyhood sweetheart from a forced marriage. There are that many twists and turns in this story I almost lost my way while writing it. Great fun and a good old fashioned read. Normally $12


THE HISTORY OF GOLD DISCOVERY IN VICTORIA James Flett wrote this definitive much sought after book detailing just about every gold find in the state away back in the 1970’s but it is still a great help when researching the Victorian gold fields. This book is no longer being published and is only available on-line for around $65 you get it here for free.

GOLDFIELD OF VICTORIA 1862 Another sought after book for your collection.



And if the above is not enough I have included the original books written for CD containing many hundreds of photos and much more information and advice than could be fitted into the printed books.

Altogether this Memory Stick contains about $400 worth of books for the princely sum of $55 post free. And the memory stick has most of its memory left for you to include any notes or photos you may wish to add. A great buy.

NOTE: not all books are shown in the photos.

You can buy this memory stick on Ebay or buy direct from me. Ring me on 0409285556 or message me.

Best wishes, Jim Foster

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