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Nokta Red Racer

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Nokta Red Racer Empty Nokta Red Racer

Post  adrian ss Mon Feb 17, 2020 3:09 pm

Hello self.
So! Watch been up to? Oh nothing much, went fer a drive down to the coast ta have a look at the fire damage country . Ya gotta see it ta believe ut and even when you see it it is difficult to get your head around the extent of it all....Well there you go aye. If ya had a few million to give away which charity organisation would you hand it to??  What the!! No way would I do that I would rather go around and hand cash directly to as many fire victims as I could coz that way I would know that they actually got it.....Too bad I am broke.

Tried a Nokta  Red Racer at Batemans Bay beaches last weekend.
Works fine in all modes over the dry sand but only the beach mode will work successfully over the wet sand.
Runs fairly quiet until a target is detected. It is not a depth monster but works good enough.
The target tones can change to an iron tone in the wet salt sand on weak signals, therefore in beach mode you need to dig all signals.
2 tone and 3 tone modes achieve good depth in the dry sand with the 2 tone being the most sensitive and at times producing some clipped false signals.

A light weight Very easy to use metal detector that won't cause you any stress. Laughing
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