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G`day from Scandinavia !

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G`day from Scandinavia !  Empty G`day from Scandinavia !

Post  The Dane Mon Nov 18, 2019 9:02 pm

Well... ..I hope, that some of you might find the time and interest - to answer some of my questions?!  ...guess it would help, if you have an idea of who I am ?!

Went on motorbike from Denmark to Iran, had the time and thought it would be fun to drive around the country - and it was. Went short to jail there, but it was ok. Lots of desert  in iran. Later got the bike shipped out to the Kyrgyzstan and drove the Wakan Corridor along Afghanistan and China,  pretty remote and with interesting people. Crashed and broke 3 ribs, but  went on for Tajikistan up Usbekistan an its desert. 2 month. Did south africa too, prospecting in Sweden and Finland with sluice..always with water, new on detector.   ...SO..

....what I am trying so say is, ...that I have a plan of trying me self and my XP DEUS in western australia for 4-6 weeks looking for gold...taking a plane from Denmark to Perth and either rent or buy a car and equippe it ( like I did with my bikes but in bigger scale) ... or..  even better, join with somebody Very Happy , or a group and try our you guys think, that I have what it takes ? and what would you advice me to do/ be aware of/ permissions/ regulations etc..?

Thanx a lot in advance...and please feel free to contact me on FB. Name : Ove Thomsen - smiling guy, wearing dark red Sami summer kofte/jacket.

The Dane

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G`day from Scandinavia !  Empty Re: G`day from Scandinavia !

Post  Kon61gold Tue Nov 19, 2019 2:50 pm

Welcome to the forum The Dane

If you'v travelled through all those countries/places on motorbike, you should have no problem tackling the outback of Western Australia. Just keep in mind once setting up & walking away from your base camp & away from company, you're basically all alone. The desert plains of WA can be quite harsh for the unwary. There are no signs pointing you of where to go, or how to get back, so make sure you have/carry all the appropriate/necessary life saving equipment with you (such that of a good hand held GPS navigation system, personal registered EPIRB (for any life threatening situations you might happen to encounter out there)  & most importantly always carry plenty of water. The rest are a WA miners right for the detecting of precious minerals/metals & permits/permission from land holders, in order to access sections of exploration leases/ground. (Department of Mines & Petroleum WA)
Your plan to detect for gold might be good, but using anything less than a good PI unit, you will struggle to find gold these days.
Anyways, I hope someone else on here can fill you in, with more details of how to go about in doing what you want to do & best of luck that it all works out for you.

Cheers Kon. T25

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G`day from Scandinavia !  Empty Re: G`day from Scandinavia !

Post  moredeep Tue Nov 19, 2019 9:02 pm

Welcome Dane,research research and research before doing any thing in out back OZ
Remember we are coming into summer, the pilbara reached 44 Celsius today, not good for detecting and not good for the human body to exist in that type of temperature .
The outback has claimed many experienced prospectors,wait until winter if that is possible.

cheers moredeep

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