Parramatta Prospecting Club - is it still up and running?

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Parramatta Prospecting Club - is it still up and running? Empty Parramatta Prospecting Club - is it still up and running?

Post  nero_design on Mon Oct 21, 2019 5:26 pm

I was going though some of my internet browser bookmarks the other day and I checked to see if the link to the Parramatta Prospecting Club was still active. It wasn't. And a Google Search showed no activity in recent years. Is the Prospectors Home Prospecting Club (Parramatta) still around or did they fold? The last time I spoke with a club member I was told Fred Krebs was President but that was a few years ago now. I don't see any flyers from them and although I sent an email out to someone who might know, I'm yet to hear back from them. The Club Listings on this forum also appear to be needing an update but I don't have any new information to contribute.

They've been around a long time and I could swear that Gold Gem And Treasure listed them as Australia's oldest electronic prospecting club - having met for their first meeting in 1981. This would make the club around 38 years old today. A few of the long-time members were also on this forum. Does anyone know if they're still around? I didn't see any notices to disband the group. They used to meet on the second Tuesday of each month.

I've spoken to a couple of industry folks recently who have told me they worry the hobby is on its last legs due to ever-changing legislation and endless land-grabs and environmentalist mania. I'm noticing that a few other clubs that were up and running just a few years back are now gone. It's a bit of a shame things have gone this way.

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