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Post  Prospecting_Australia Wed 03 Apr 2019, 15:23

Nullagine Gold is Paul von Zorich's third locality guide covering the vast Nullagine region of the east Pilbara. It follows along the same format as his previous books, Prospecting the Murchison and Karratha Gold where detecting techniques and other vital information precedes locality information. This book will certainly open your eyes as a lot of vital information has been provided. The book is suitable for hobbyists, semi-professionals and professionals alike.

From the blurp at the back of the book.

The Pilbara region hosts some of Western Australia's best alluvial fields, well known for the size and quantity of gold they produced during the detector rush of the 1980s and 1990s. Although finding gold today in any reasonable quantity is becoming harder and harder, it is not altogether impossible if one has the right skills and knowledge. Nullagine Gold uncloaks the mysteries of successful gold prospecting, introducing proven techniques and strategies employed by many professionals.

Skill alone is often not good enough. Knowing where to look is a critical factor to a person's success. Yet the best places are often kept secret as though they were forbidden fruit, known only to a privileged few. Nullagine Gold introduces some of the best nugget-producing localities in the Nullagine region, including many lesser-known places.

Nullagine Gold is not just another prospecting book, but a compilation of information, fastidiously put together into one invaluable resource.

Main Contents

  • Preparing your trip
  • Seeking out and working runs
  • Detecting creeks and gullies
  • Detecting rock bars
  • Searching for new ground
  • 7 major localities and over 25 minor localities to explore

To pre-order your copy visit

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