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Jim Stewart Memorial Trophy

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Jim Stewart Memorial Trophy Empty Jim Stewart Memorial Trophy

Post  HOBO'S Gold on Sun Aug 12, 2018 10:22 am

Calling on nominations for the Jim Stewart Memorial Award.

Who will be our 2018 recipient?

Do you know someone that meets the Jim Stewart Memorial award criteria?

Key criteria:

• puts in above and beyond to help others to achieve their goals without thinking of them self or trying to gain rewards
• follows the prospecting codes
• assists others without direct financial gain
• actively promotes prospecting to others
• willing to share a camp fire with others

Pm me for a nomination form

- the criteria has been simplified to a rating, so they do not have to exhibit all criteria.

**Please note** This is a silent nomination and you can nominate 3 people. Please don't post your nominations on our page. pm them please. Thank You.
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