Calling Gail, Les and Rodger, from vic?

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Calling Gail, Les and Rodger, from vic? Empty Calling Gail, Les and Rodger, from vic?

Post  Travelergold on Fri Jun 22, 2018 8:30 pm

Back in august, 2009, we ran into these 3 wonderful persons in WA near moyage between mt magnet and cue detecting a patch of theirs. They were travelling in 2 4wd utes and we think they were from victoria.
If either of these 3 people may be a member of this forum we would love to get in contact with you. You probably will not remember us. We have always thought of you's and owe you a lot of gratitude for the help you gave us when we were totally green to detecting and you put us in the right direction. Its not often you come across such generous souls. We would love to share some private information with you.
Or if any body may know who we are talking about any info would be appreciated. Thanks TG

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