2 more for May.

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2 more for May. Empty 2 more for May.

Post  Axtyr on Tue May 01, 2018 7:48 pm

G'day everyone.

What a beautiful day it was out today. A little cold in the morning but it soon warmed up. I ventured out to Talbot and soon after heading off I got a very strange signal. I detected it but it didn’t sound metallic so I switched to Difficult mode and it was still there but only just. I kept digging and by the time it was out of the ground the signal was on the opposite side of the rather wide hole I had dug. I almost walked away from it early on thinking it was highly mineralized ground. Given it’s shape I think it was lying on it’s side. I put it on the ground flat and I could detect it at about 6 inches, but on it’s side that was reduced to about 3 inches.
It weighed in at 0.6 gram and my largest piece for this year.
2 more for May. 8bfA0OL

The second piece was a little smaller at 0.1 gram. Not much but gave a really good signal.
2 more for May. AUbEpJ8


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2 more for May. Empty Re: 2 more for May.

Post  Mike54 on Tue May 01, 2018 8:49 pm

Very nice finds there Axtyr. T06 You have to love those weird sounding signals that persist, as mine usually turn out to be gold. T25 Congrats for your nice finds and thanks for sharing.



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2 more for May. Empty Re: 2 more for May.

Post  Kon61gold on Fri May 18, 2018 12:03 am

Well done on your efforts there Axtyr. Once again another fine example of what role/effects orientation of target has, buried in or sitting just bellow the surface. The addition of high mineralization to the concoction, over that same size/type nugget, sitting vertically on/in undisturbed gold bearing soil & you'll find your undisturbed target, now barely audible at a third of that 6 inch depth mark.
This leads me to believe, it is not so much that most gold bearing ground today, has all but been thrashed/done to death with detectors over the last 40 odd years, as much as, the small advantage/performance gains, in metal detecting technology over the years, leaving us little or less chance of any remaining targets to be heard.

Cheers Kon.  T25

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