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Some People?

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Some People? Empty Some People?

Post  Guest on Thu Mar 01, 2018 9:25 am

Has this happened to you and what can you do about it, it has really annoyed me and not so much that this person has done it but the fact that requests to have him alter it has fallen on deaf ears, why are these online sale sites just so hard to navigate when you need help and why are they so reluctant to step in and sort a problem out, the issue goes like this

I have a detector listed for sale on Ebay and a couple of days ago I discovered that someone has lifted my item description (from the Ebay listing) and used it on his listing for two detectors on Gumtree, changing a line or two to suit his items, now while that sounds like its not such an big issue you may think, but the problem lies in that I was going to list my detector on Gumtree as well but now if I do I have to change my item description because this person has now claimed it as his own, and if I leave it the same potential buyers will be thinking I was the ass%^$#@ and stole his item description Mad

Second to this the description of my item is true to its condition and so on, the detectors that this person is selling are really grotty and my stolen description does not match these items, so really I don't want to be associated with them and people thinking that I am.

I messaged this person and asked nicely if he could change the description as he lifted it from me Ebay listing, but of course there has been no response, and I have tried in vain to get Gumtree to do something about it but again this has fallen on deaf ears, you would think it should be a simple process but nope not on your life.

So at the end of the day I have just resigned myself to the fact that some people are just ass----s and too lazy to do there own thing finding it easier to just steal what they want.

End of Rant



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Some People? Empty Re: Some People?

Post  austracker on Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:23 am

link to your ebay ad Smile

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