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Post  Guest on Sat Dec 30, 2017 7:52 am

I have been trying to find out what is the maximum battery voltage a Minelab Sovereign Gt can take, the stock battery is a 12v and will charge up to 13.5v or so fully charged, I want to make a battery pack using the li ion 18650 3.7v batteries, 4 of these will be 14.8v, so would the detector handle the higher input as I don't know if it has an internal regulator or not?, or should I just include a regulator with the battery pack?, thanks in advance if anyone can enlighten me.

I have found that the stock batteries will discharge while not in use quite quickly and I always have to charge them before I want to use the detector, they are a few years old though, so I thought that using li ion batteries might give a better runtime and will hold the charge longer than the stock ones.




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