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Hello from Macca

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Hello from Macca Empty Hello from Macca

Post  Macca81 Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:46 pm

Gday all, I just thought I would introduce myself. Today i just got back from my first prospecting trip and ive had the time of my life. Of course i spent two days digging up bullets, star pickets, a live frog, horse shoes, wire and every bloody thing else but i enjoyed every minute of it. A friend and i hired a GPX5000 each and had a blast. I figured this is something i could enjoy as a hobby so im going to try and educate myself a bit better and keep swinging when the time allows. I thought i had found the welcome stranger part 2 about 78 times but im willing to admit i may have been wrong! If i could ask one question of people, my most pressing one at the moment is do most experienced people prospect areas with a rich history (diggings and mullocks everywhere) or do they normally move towards land without a history? Anyway ive got about 37 years of reading ahead of me so off i go.
Cheers from Macca Very Happy


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Hello from Macca Empty Re: Hello from Macca

Post  davsgold Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:55 pm

Welcome to the forum Macca

I reckon you might just enjoy this new hobby you have found, you get plenty of exercise and fresh air while you out having fun.

Now about the gold, well for beginners the best advice is to look for gold where gold has been found before, sure you may not find any or much but at least you will get the idea of the type of ground to search on.  Then a bit later on with some knowledge and experience you could venture out to areas that don't have "history" but at least you will have an idea of the type of ground to look for in these new areas.

Good luck out there.

cheers dave
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Hello from Macca Empty Re: Hello from Macca

Post  Guest Tue Mar 28, 2017 10:23 pm

Hi Macca81 and welcome to the site mate.The answer to your question is yes some of us do go looking for new ground and others still hit old digging areas. My advice to most newbies is, to hit the old diggings first to see what the old timers were looking for in the way of the ground they were working. This is not a five minute job to learn, it takes many years to try and understand and think like an old timer. The best thing I can suggest is go out on a training tour. There is a few out here in Vic like, Gold & Relic Gold Adventure, Coiltek Maryborough, Golden Triangle Tours, Aussie Gold Prospector Training & Tours, to name a few. These company's are only some that can show you what to look for. Not only will they teach you how to detect but also teach you about coils, how to use a detector properly and the type of ground you should be looking for. The other way is to join a detector and prospecting clubs. We have a list of them on this site.
All this will cut down many years of frustration. It is also depends on the sort of machine you are using and the type of coils attached to that machine. For instance if you are using a SDC2300 you would not go to an area were the gold could be deep. You would go to very shallow ground, surface areas and old mullock heaps to use a 2300. So this is were the training days come in handy and joining clubs as well as they hit known gold areas. I hope this helps and "Good Luck"
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