Greetings from the Tablelands!!!

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Greetings from the Tablelands!!! Empty Greetings from the Tablelands!!!

Post  Scolers on Thu Jul 09, 2015 9:31 am

Hi Everyone!

Have just signed up to the forum ... very comprehensive and much useful information ... thanks to all who have participated and hope to add my own 'quality' posts in time although very much a newbie at prospecting.

My partner and I have always enjoyed the bush and have been looking at more productive ways of utilising our time away. I used to do a little bit of gold fossicking in W.A. but didn't really get into it as it was only me but since meeting my current partner we just love getting away from everything and everyONE ... and as my background is historical research (which I love) gold prospecting seemed a good avenue to enjoy this great land. Half the fun for us is 'the hunt' ... starting with the research so we are very much looking forward to this new found pursuit.

We don't have a gold detector as yet but will be heading to NQ Miners Den on Saturday to find out their recommendations. Don't mind spending $1000-$2000 initially but certainly not going for the $10k beasty! lol Any advise is greatly received ... am ging through your pages now re the various gold detectors. More research ... woo hoo!!! cheers

We own and live in our own van but intend taking the swags when prospecting.

Ummm .. thinks that it ... thanks again for what appears a quality website.


Richard and Alexandra.

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Greetings from the Tablelands!!! Empty Re: Greetings from the Tablelands!!!

Post  mfdes on Thu Jul 09, 2015 5:13 pm


I've always loved the historical research aspect of prospecting, I love some of the stuff you come across. For example, a little while ago I was researching a hoax in Three Hut Point, near current day Gordon, Tasmania. Trove have some newspaper articles about it. The find was dismissed as a hoax, but the area is a stone's throw away from a known goldfield (that was not found till later), so there was always a possibility.

Anyway, this was in 1854, and the newspapers describing it also had articles about the riots at the Ballarat goldfield... then I realised they were reporting the Eureka rebellion as it was happening! I wrote a little post at the Tas-Prospecting site, I might get around to writing a full blog post about it one day.

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