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Pictures in the Gallery - Rules

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Pictures in the Gallery - Rules Empty Pictures in the Gallery - Rules

Post  Kon61gold Thu Dec 11, 2008 10:49 pm

You can upload pictures to your own space in the Gallery. However we have had to introduce some rules to give everyone a fair go as many uploaded pics can take up too much storage. To see a picture on the web and on the Forum, you only need to make your photos postcard size which is around 600 x 400 pixels and less than 100kb. So in order to manage our storage levels, these are the rules we have to follow:

1. Each pic uploaded has to be 700 x 500 pixels or less
2. No pic will be accepted unless it is less than 100kb
3. Should the storage levels of the gallery exceed 50% then some members will be asked to delete some of their photos

(As at 12 Dec 2008 we had 16 photos which only took up 11% storage which is excellent - thanks guys)

The way to reduce your photos is to send yourself an email and attach the pics you want to upload. Outlook should give you an option on what size you want to send. - small 448 x336 pixels, medium 640 x 480 pixels or large 1024 x 768 pixels. When you receive the email back, you will see that both the size and storage have been reduced.

Small or medium photos meet our criteria

When you upload your photos they do not appear straight away for they have to be given Admins approval which we do normally once a week. Once this is done they appear in your picture area


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