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PMAV Central Branch weekend outing

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PMAV Central Branch weekend outing Empty PMAV Central Branch weekend outing

Post  Wombat Mon Aug 25, 2014 9:08 am

On Sunday (24th Aug) I organised for our Central Branch to have a go at some private property. Everybody arrived before 10am at our designated meeting point and headed into the property. We had 10 detectors on the ground within 15 minutes. By lunch time there was 4 small nuggets found, 1 very nice traders token and 1 very well worn early Queen Victorian 6 pence found. I went for a walk before lunch over the hill and through some scruby type of bush and found a well worked out area that the old times had been working in 1859. So we all headed there straight after lunch. There was 2, SDC2300 and the rest were made up of 5000 and 4500 detectors. The gold we were finding in this area was also small. I could not work out why there was nothing bigger found than 0.4 gm as this area was known for BIG Gold. On the records it showed that 400oz,226oz,196oz 2 off 108oz 80,32,30 51 44, 37, 34 27 20 oz nuggets were found in 1859. So there had to be bigger gold than what we were finding still in the area. At least a few 1/2 gms.
The days total was 31 small pieces of gold. I came home with 12 peices for 1.05gm found with my 5000 and Gary Flyspecks came in with 11 pieces for 1.10 gms with a 2300. Phoenix come in with 4 also using a 2300. Barkly48 got 3 nice pieces plus the token using a 5000, and Rowdy 1 small one also with a 5000. There was a lot of rubbish about, but that was expected as there were over 20,000 people on that goldfield in 1859.
Also a word of warning "the snake are starting to move" as Gary saw a BIG BROWN yesterday going into a hole. He said it was at least 4 to 5 feet long and fat as buggery.affraid  We told Golden (Enio) to come and have a look at it. But he said he could see it quite well from were he was, about 75 yards away "Chicken" Funny he headed down to the cars after that. scratch
It was a great days outing with the members and most of us getting on to gold and also the weather was kind to us as well. We are planning to hit this same spot again later in the year.
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