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my latest detector and what a surprise for an goldy oldy19-20 years old.

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my latest detector and what a surprise for an goldy  oldy19-20 years old. Empty my latest detector and what a surprise for an goldy oldy19-20 years old.

Post  krakenup Thu May 22, 2014 2:26 pm

hi all got my latest detector in the post yesterday bought from Victorian detectorist. It is an oldy but a goody. It is the Tesoro diablo 2 Gold Demon made around 1995 ???. I eagerly unpacked it from its well padded box, i was astonished at how small and light it was, i have had tesoro detectors before, i owned a bandido,also a vaquero,and a compadre. So quite a varied range when i got my first tesoro the little compadre i unwrapped it put it all together and could not believe how light it was and how simple to use. I was dissapointed with the compadre detector, i thought maybee i had been fooled into buying a toy detector ?????. Ok i read the manual again and again until i understood what to do with it and the settings rct, then picked it up and marched into the backyard down to my detector testing bed, where i had buried a couple of years ago now, various coins and bits of scrap targets. Such as bottle top ringpull, nail, wire, foil ect ect. Well to cut a long story short i was blown out of my socks, this little detector found all the targets and all were buried at varying depths. Rangeing from 2inch down to 10 inch. And as i said before i was suitably impressed. Well over the next 2years that little bugger found heaps of good and bad stuff. It was of course made to be my backup as i got another detector with the same results all performed great, i wish i could have kept them all but they had to be sold to finance other detectors. Over the years the tesoros were forgotten as i ventured into the localy made minelabs. My favourite gold machine of these was the GT16000 , I LOVED THAT DETECTOR, unfortunatly it was always having to be repaired, it kept breaking of off the rods at the control housing joint which slides onto the rod and clips in to the holes, this was a very weak point and was always breaking. But i persisted with it glueing and restrengthening. I eventualy moved on, to some of the newer models always buying mostly second hand detectors. As being on a pension i was very short on cash, often refinanceing to different detectors by selling found stuff. And selling my old detectors.well on to today, i have at the momment moved onto the minelab F1A4 MINELAB which i had moddified to enable normal range of mono and DD coils to be used instead of the military type connector.and also the standard stereo headphones instead of the military spec sockets. Making my detector a very simple to use virtualy turn on and go, these F1A4 MINELABS are a truly great machine having automatic ground balancing, with a switch controlled manual ground balance mode. And automatic tuneing, and electrical interference button. They are powered by 4D SIZE BATTERIES which pop into a battery conversion pack on the end of the control box. Normal d cell batteries, or rechargeable type d cell batteries can be used. I have my detector setup with a 14inch DD pro coiltec coil. Making this great detector into A MEAN GREEN SUPER MACHINE. It easily finds the small targetts and the very deep bigger stuff. This machine has been tested on found targets while they were still in the ground, against a SD2200D,AND A 4000 Minelab in all cases easily finding the signals and being able in cases even sounding of on targets with decent audible sound when raising the coil higher above the targets in some cases a good 7 inchs more, so very impressive indeed. I shouldant have been so surprised realy as thes F1A4 detectors were made to be simple to use and work exceptionaly well, which they most certainly do, as our soldiers lives depended on their performance. Well this has certainly gone on longer than i intended, so finaly on to the TESORO DIABLO 2 GOLD DEMON Detector i have just bought, it was a bargin at $140 it came in a well packed box, it was very dusty and dirty, it had been used extensivly by the look of it i presume in the Victorian goldfields. Well i took it down the good old test patch in the backyard. It performed excellently, easily finding the deepest targets, i could even lift the detector coil a 10x5 eliptical DD over 4 to7 inches higher and it still gave of a nice audible signal. So i am very impressed and cant wait to take it and the F1A4 detectors out into the gold fields and our local beaches, glenelg , noarlunga rct. So there we go a bloody good little detector at an even better price.regards krakenup ken.

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my latest detector and what a surprise for an goldy  oldy19-20 years old. Empty Re: my latest detector and what a surprise for an goldy oldy19-20 years old.

Post  Guest Mon Mar 16, 2015 7:55 pm

Blow me down. This post slipped by unnoticed.
The Diablo Gold Demon was probably the best little gold detector tesoro has ever made. I have no Idea why they discontinued it so quickly.
I am always on the look out for one of these.


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