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Bloody Big Nugget Find - my April Fools Joke

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Bloody Big Nugget Find - my April Fools Joke  Empty Bloody Big Nugget Find - my April Fools Joke

Post  hugh62 Sun Mar 30, 2014 9:49 pm

The Post about the big nugget find down south as a April fools joke reminded me about a prank i did 10 - 12 years ago .I was working on a station up near Tennant Creek , and every time i'd come into the station that night from a days prospecting ,i'd be quized about how i went . Ofcourse the usual answer was  " NO GOOD "  And when i did manage to find a bit of yellow , usually something tiny ,the typical response was ," IS THAT ALL !!! "  So i decided to give them all something to talk about ,and make it a April fools joke ,so i MADE up this big palm size Nugget out of old battery lead ,carefully sculpted with the Oxy in a dirt mould and sprayed with gold paint !  Actually i was quite proud of my handiwork ! A lot better attempt than the other "Bloody big nugget " so any way i plyed the prank ,everyone fell for it and were very taken with it ,passing it around and asking it's worth etc much to my amusement ,thinking i'd give them a week or so  before revealing the " April fools prank  " In the mean time i put the " Nugget " on my desk as a paper weight !! it was handy for that  !! and went back out to my camp , i was the grader driver there . I was out at camp for a few weeks  when the manager came along one day while i was grading and told me of this young ringer fellow who'd  " pulled the pin " only a week earlier and gone to Darwin apparently ,and the story the Manager got from a phone call from a Darwin copper ,  was this young fellow had been assualted preety badly by people he'd tried to flog off this " Fake Nugget " i'd made ,he'd stollen it out of my room ,unbeknown to me as i obviously wasn't there ! As well as other stollen stuff in his possesion ,including a saddle with the station / company logo on it  !!!  Everybody thought it was highly amuseing and justice to the theiving mongrel  !!   Very Happy   V11
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