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Now too many coils  Empty Now too many coils

Post  longbob on Wed Mar 05, 2014 9:13 pm

This follows my post about too much coil information

This is what Jung called synchronicity and I call unbelievable. Been cleaning out my late brothers lockup at Harcourt and found coils in a box. He never even owned a detector! So now I have my original Commander 11" mono PLUS Coiltek mono 10 x 6 elliptical, Coiltek 17" x 11" Mono Ellip, Commander DD 11" and a Commander Mono ellip 16" x 12"
So what do I do now? Keep them all, ebay some? How do I go about rating their usefulness? Shocked


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Now too many coils  Empty Re: Now too many coils

Post  kon61 on Wed Mar 05, 2014 10:50 pm

All coils play some form of a role longbob. The Coiltek 10x5 is perfect for ducking and weaving through tight places and tiny nuggets over shallow ground.Both the Commander 15x12 and or Coiltek 17x11 mono's,will give you pretty much the same depth over similar sized targets that the 11 inch round mono will find,increasing in depth only as the nugget increases in size(say above 5 grams).You can always advertise them here on the "Items for Sale" section,but if you find that no ones interested in the ones you wish to get rid of,E/bay's the way to go.I'd also keep the Commander 11" DD (that's if you don't have the original one that came with the detector already) for when encountering extreme sections of mineralized ground or for discriminating over trashy areas.
PS,Just make sure you have 10 posts before posting up in the "Items for Sale" section.

Cheers Kon. What a Face 

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