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New member, old detector.

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New member, old detector. Empty New member, old detector.

Post  Axtyr on Mon Feb 03, 2014 9:49 pm

G'day everyone.

Been a while since I did some detecting, about 1992. Couldn't figure out why it was so long but remembered that I went back to school to study electronics and computers.
I originally had a Goldseeker 12000 in 1983 but found nothing with that after many trips. I then purchased my first Minelab 15000 detector in 1996 and headed straight back to Tarnagulla. After stuffing around for an hour with it I headed to Wedderburn for my free instruction and then headed off to Robinson's Gully. Got out of the car, walked 10 feet and picked up my first nugget, about 3.5 grams. My wife almost fell over, as well as myself. After that I was hooked. I had the modifications done on my machine and also converted it to a hip mount setup. I sold the 12000 and purchased another 15000 for my wife. The gold trickled along for the next few years until I made the decision to go back to school. I sold the 2 machines and forgot about detecting.

The worst part was that I had been unemployed since 1990 so going back to school was the logical thing, and I missed out on the rush of 1996 when the SD2000 came out. If it wasn't for the $5000.00 price tag I would have tried to con my wife into buying one. So just after Christmas I headed out to a Victorian country property to check it out for shooting and found there was gold on the property. Within 10 days I had a SD2000 machine and have been out one more time in the heat to test it. I am looking at installing 2 of the mods at least from Ismael and want to get another 15000 if possible for my wife. I loved that detector.

The seed has been sown again and hopefully there is enough gold left for me to at least keep the interest up.


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New member, old detector. Empty Re: New member, old detector.

Post  Guest on Mon Feb 03, 2014 10:50 pm

Hi Axtyr,
Welcome to the forum.
Its always nice to get experienced operators to join the forum.Looking forward for your contributions, stories and maybe photos.

Gold is harder to get but there is always something to keep us going.

Good luck gold hunting.



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