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detech 6"coil

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detech 6"coil Empty detech 6"coil

Post  tirp56 Sat Jan 04, 2014 7:24 pm

hi guys,just spent three and a half days up on the burnt area at snake hill and pete from detech was kind enough to bring over a 6"detech coil for us to have a try of,so i fitted it onto the wifes 4000 and away she went,after about 3/4hr a yell came over the radio i,ve got one ,followed a little while later with another one,then another not long after,not bad after getting nothing for nearly 12 months.she couldn,t get over how quiet and smooth it years day i put it on my 4500 and took it for a try ,ifound it very sesitive on hot rocks,but no different than my other 6" coils ,but was impressed with how the coil behaved,for want of a better word,if you hit it against anything,it did not give out a sound at all,i pushed it around ala phoenix,scrubbing it along the ground ,pushing it under low scrubby bushes,leaves,fallen tree branches and the like ditto,finally pinged a small piece down about 4"in hard clay,but the signal came booming through the headphones,it went 0.15gm,but sounded a lot bigger,but i was happy ,gold is gold.any way a big thanks to pete at detech for letting me try it out,as i love using a small coil in and around tight areas where you cant get a bigger coil,so if you like small coils ,give pete a call and i,m sure he will go out of his way for you cheers al. ps a big thanks to the guys at detech,who are prepared to listen to what their customers want

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