Becoming superstitious. (Spoooky)

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Becoming superstitious. (Spoooky) Empty Becoming superstitious. (Spoooky)

Post  Rtanweb on Fri Nov 13, 2009 8:18 pm

Normally i am not superstitious. Normally i make fun of people who are Smile

But ever since i started prospecting i had a few events that really pushing me towards getting a rabbit foot, so to speak.

Recently I walked up this secluded gully and set up "camp" - left my food and water with the backpack in a safe spot, and got down to detecting. Some 4 hours later i wanted to move to a different spot because the nuggets where not coming up. I was going up the hill to the small shaded spot where i left the backpack. And i was talking "to the gully and ground" around me, telling it off for wasting much of my time for nothing (yes, talking to myself out loud, tends to happen when you spend a day in the forest by yourself)

I packed up and when i lifted the backpack off the ground i noticed a pair of earphones sitting on the ground just next to it. I called myself an idiot for nearly leaving my earphones here and picked them up. To my shock, these were NOT my earphones!
Mine where still dangling from my belt. I just did not realise it at first. These earphones i found where a little older, the kind you get with Eureka Gold detector. I plugged them in, and they worked fine. Still have them too, although don't really use them.

The weird part is that i am SURE they were not there when i started. You'd think that you would notice such a bulky pair of earmuffs if you are looking for a safe spot to stash your backpack. I never moved more than 70 meters from this spot, and did not see anyone all day. Looked like the gully heard my whinge and sent me a pair of earphones to compensate and shut me up Smile)

Another time some "pro" friends took me (the amateur) on a moonlighting trip. That is to say some fences where jumped and some paddocks where scanned. That night i seen two "shooting stars" land nearby.
Looked like a green flash of light with a spiral tail hitting the ground. By then we wondered out and i could barely make out the figures of the other guys. After the first "shooting star" landed near one of the guys i went up to him and asked him about it. He did not find it funny and said there was no green "flash" that i described. But he found a 3 gram piece just there before i turned up.

I wondered up the side of a hill and continued scanning before seeing another "green flash with tail" hit the ground in the opposite direction, maybe 150 meters from the first one. I wondered there out of curiosity and found one other gentleman who was with us, and he shown me the 10 gram bit he just finished digging out. He also did not see any "green light hit the ground". That was the only gold we found there! We came back for two more nights and there was no more gold and no more weird lights.

Onto next event then:
I was camping on one of the public camp grounds in the middle of Bendigo goldfield. This camp site is literally surrounded by old digs. It was late in the night, no moon, and i was sitting by the fire. Then i heard a distinct sound of a miners pick hitting the rock somewhere just ahead of me. This was public ground, so no need to detect at night. The sound of the pick soon stopped, and i forgot about it. And suddenly the sound returned, louder, closer, and this time just behind me! It was too dark and my flash light is not great - i did not see anyone or anything. Just quiet night and twang-twang-twang sound of the pick hitting the rocks.

And another superstition i am developing is about nature itself Smile
On a couple of my first trips i squashed a scorpion and another time a big fat spider (don't know what kind other than big and scary). They just kind of wondered up to me and freaked me out. Both trips i found zilch - no gold.

Some trips later i had a big green insect harass me inside the cabin - tried landing on me, missed, tried again and landed. I fought the urge to send it to insect hell and gently move it to some grass outside. Next day i found my first patch! Was nature testing me? Was i found "worthy" by treating her messenger right?

This last one comes from a friend who was detecting for a day in a likely spot, but found nothing. He got pissed off and basically said to himself that all the damned gold was already found here. Then he noticed what looked like a female figure, dressed in all white, standing among the trees some distance away. he took his eyes away for a second, and the figure was gone. He scanned towards that spot in a straight line, and found a nice specimen just where he thought he seen the lady in white. No more gold came up in that area.

Go on then, make fun of me :")

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Becoming superstitious. (Spoooky) Empty Re: Becoming superstitious. (Spoooky)

Post  GoldstalkerGPX on Fri Nov 13, 2009 9:50 pm


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Becoming superstitious. (Spoooky) Empty Re: Becoming superstitious. (Spoooky)

Post  johnny_boy on Thu Nov 26, 2009 2:46 am

Not where near as spooky, but the coincidence of this one was bizarre...

About a year ago I was prospecting in the WA goldfields at an old minesite and got a large signal just near an old mineshaft. I decided to dig it even though I suspected it was just some old tin. However after a fair bit of digging, I pulled out an old pocketwatch - all corroded, but enough to see the patent dates of around the 1890's.

Anyway, back at camp for smoko, I was laughing with my mate about the find and wondering at the odds of finding a pocketwatch as opposed to an ounce or two of gold!

Later that day, having no more luck at the spot, I moved a couple of kilometers up the road to another spot and started prospecting again. After the usual bullets and tacks, I hit upon another strong signal that sounded promising. Could it be gold this time?

Nope, blow me down, if it wasn't another pocket watch!! Becoming superstitious. (Spoooky) Icon_scratch

Two in one day! What were the odds of that!

We laughed that night that some poor soul was cursing his luck back in 1890's at losing two pocketwatches - he'd be chuckling now whever he is! Or perhaps even back in the 1890's there were still dodgy salesman selling 'fake' pocketwatches! Becoming superstitious. (Spoooky) Icon_biggrin


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