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Huge hello from far away, and some help :)

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Huge hello from far away, and some help :) Empty Huge hello from far away, and some help :)

Post  nelesx on Sun Dec 30, 2012 10:58 am

Wave to all the good people around here, bad ones can highfive themselves Wink

I just stumbled to this fine place, and although I am not really into prospecting for gold, I am into hobby aspect of metal detectors, and I have a few dilemmas, that I thought could be answered only by people passionate enough in the matter, and who would be more experienced than guys (and girls of course) looking around for gold? Smile

So much for the introductory blabber Smile No, really, it's horribly simple: I am no gold digger, I am not an antique's smuggler, nor have I lost my car keys, but I simply enjoy surprises. Small things really. So when I was a kid, I used to play around with those little metal detectors that find pipes and wiring in the walls so you don't hit it when drilling for new picture frames. Anyway, since I realized I have no practical application for searching walls and flooring, I decided to stick that MD to a broomstick with some tape and went outside, swinging around, and amazingly found all kind of crap laying around just under the surface, but digging up that crap and trying to decipher what the heck have I just unearthed brought me immense joy. Now, old as I am, I realized that's still one of the rare things that can really occupy my imagination and keep me truly entertained, and physically fit, after all. Well, my wife can do that too, but sometimes I prefer to be alone Wink

Short and to the point - I don't know squat about professional prospecting, gold & antique finding, and truly, I don't care about the serious stuff. However, I have some family land, far and away from any civilization, that according to myths, legends, and some history, used to be fairly populated by some Greeks and Romans, and now that is just long abandoned forests, plains and meadows. I enjoy hiking and strolling across those lands anyway when I run away on vacation, but thinking I could also carry an MD and entertain my mind with idea of perhaps finding something buried under the surface, is making my heart jump a little. Frankly, I have no false hopes I will ever find anything, something valuable even less so, but the idea of finding anything is still making for a number of great weekends in the nature.

The point being is that I don't care about discrimination: where I am going, there are no pulltabs and coke cans, no new coins and chocolate wrappers. So whatever beeps, is bound to be something new, unexpected, and perhaps interesting. Some increased depth would be nice, but I know what I can expect from most categories of commercial MD's. 20-30cm for coin sizes, perhaps 40-50cm for something substantially larger. But the main concern after all is, price. I don't need professional, or even semi professional equipment. With this financial crisis looming overhead like a nasty dark cloud, and all the real problems I have in life lately, I can't afford anything fancy, and yet, I wanted to avoid some generic stuff you can get in a mall (well, my local malls don't stock any, but I guess your do). So I have quite a weak choice, and I need to pick something up, and I hope, you can give me your two cents, or pennies, or pounds sterling, or iraqi dinars...

Fisher F2 + 8inch coil + 4inch coil + Pinpointer
Teknetics Alpha 2000 + 8inch coil

some even lower end options: Bounty Hunter Tracker IV, Bounty Hunter Quick Silver

and something really interesting for the same price,

slightly used Guartel MD8+ military mine and metal detector - I was thinking, researching a bit, since it's PI, it might have some better depth results, but then again, I have no idea. There are some comparisons, but mostly in military terms, so it's spanish to me.

So...whenever someone finds the time, I'll appreciate any and all suggestions!

Thanks a bunch in advance. And yes, I'll except tl;dr Smile


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Huge hello from far away, and some help :) Empty Re: Huge hello from far away, and some help :)

Post  kon61 on Mon Dec 31, 2012 11:01 am

G'day Nelesx. Welcome to the forum.

It be cheaper to go through Kellyco USA,and research for something that suit's your needs and budget.If they don't have what your after,my advice,surf the web for a dealer nearest you or go looking through E/ By the way,I'v seen the Bounty Hunter Pioneer 505 in action and its a very good,easy and simple machine to operate with very good depths on coins jewelry and relics,but haven't used any of the others you've mentioned.

Cheers kon61.

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