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Look before you dig. Empty Look before you dig.

Post  carbine pete on Fri Oct 30, 2009 12:58 am

Going to the toilet can have its have its hazards in the bush, I dug the pick ito the ground, made a nice hole, dropped my shorts etc and had just finished the job except for the necessary wipe, looked down and saw soldier ants or inch ants swarming over my dropped shorts. I TOOK OFF TO GET OUT OF THERE, almost tripping while trying to remove my ant ridden shorts and jocks ,as I did an ant got me through my socks ouch its still ichy after a week, well I had to walk out the bushes with my jocks and shorts on the end of my pick and the toilet roll between my legs. It couLd have been worse though, thank goodness ants dont know the difference between jocks and socks. true story C.P.
carbine pete
carbine pete
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