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We have until Tuesday the 23/10/12.

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We have until Tuesday the 23/10/12. Empty We have until Tuesday the 23/10/12.

Post  JohnApthorp Sun Oct 21, 2012 5:02 am

Hi Everyone,
I have been speaking to the Hon Robert Brown MLC's secretary & I have until Tuesday to prepare a list of Questions etc, as to what we as prospectors would like him to try & do on our behalf.(This gives Robert time to prepare his thoughts before the Goanna Muster)
So far my request for questions have fallen on deaf ears. The only request that I have received over the last 3 months relates to the fact that a lot of National Parks in Western NSW have been locked up & made a no-go zone to the public.

Some of MY questions would be for example:
Do we want a miners right in NSW?
How do I explain to Robert what a miners right is?
Do we want to detect in National Parks?
Do we really want 1 State-wide permit to cover all NSW State Forest?
Do we want a "Personal Responsibility act" introduced to Parliament? (Where we as the requesting guest would be responsible for OUR OWN injuries if we requested & were given permission from a farmer to prospect on their private property.)

These are all of the questions that I can think of at the moment. I will be honest - I, myself don't fully understand what a miners right is but I have heard a lot of people talk about it. Can someone bring me up to date? Please.

Yes I know Robert likes the outdoors but I would really like him to help us in NSW get a few things done for us, instead of having a long weekend enjoying himself at the Goanna Muster - after all, we as tax payers are paying for him to be there.

Please give this matter some thought & get back to me ASAP.


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We have until Tuesday the 23/10/12. Empty Re: We have until Tuesday the 23/10/12.

Post  Guest Sun Oct 21, 2012 5:38 pm

Imadogman has put this wish list for Politicians previously, and I'm sure he would like this to be reiterated again to every politician you can.


1. That regular reviews and amendments to the Crown Lands Act, Mining Act, Forestry Act and NPWS Act [or whatever is relevant in your location] enshrine and strengthen the right to prospect for minerals/gems/rocks/gold and to provide minimally regulated opportunities to prospect in areas where it has been traditionally done.
2. That fossicking and recreational prospecting receive similar consideration in planning and legislation as fishers, shooters and 4WDers who also seek to use public land for their health and enjoyment.
3. That Government consults via online channels and other means with representatives members of the fossicking/prospecting community when considering laws which have an impact on this activity.
4. Recognition that fossicking or recreational prospecting is a low environmental impact activity and needs to be considered separate to the interests of the broader mining industry. That is to say: a person with a metal detector, a pick, pan or portable sluice, is NOT a mining company and should be exempt from the burden of regulation that is required there for such companies.
1. That fossicking/prospecting (with hand tools or detectors) is allowed on western lands leases in NSW.
2. That the Mining Act be amended to enable prospecting/fossicking on Exploration Leases (excluding the immediate areas of active mining sites) subject only to the authority of the land owner where that is not the Crown.
3. That the Mining Act be amended to include a provision for small leases to be taken out, and on existing Exploration Leases in certain circumstances. (Although it is in the legislation now you cannot do it unless the Minister approves. And he/she has only ever approved them at opal and sapphire fields).
4. That the NPWS & Crown Lands Acts be amended to recognise that the right to fossick/prospect is retained on non-urban crown land with a history of previous use by prospectors.
5. Where the status of that land has changed since 1980, that fossicking/prospecting rights be restored. (Note: the only reason I chose 1980 is that that seemed to be when detecting became serious).
6. That the Mining Act regs/schedules be amended to allow removal of up to 1000 grams in gold or gems per day.
7. That the right to collect (find and keep) meteorites in NSW is retained (or established in other states).
8. That the many historic dedicated public fossicking areas are not closed and sold-off or leased in such a way that excludes fossicking/prospecting.
9. That the NPWS ACT is changed to allow for recreational fossicking/prospecting on historic goldfield/gemfield areas within NPWS reserves currently categorised as State Conservation Areas.
10. That the rights to fossick/prospect in State Forests, State Parks (e.g. Burrendong) and travelling stock routes and Travelling Stock Reserves remain in place or are restored where they have been removed since 1980.
11. That local councils and tourism authorities be encouraged to establish fossicking areas (gold and gems) in appropriate areas of their shire as means to encourage regional tourism. That an online register with accurate maps is maintained of these locations."


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We have until Tuesday the 23/10/12. Empty Agree

Post  philip.j.thompson Sun Oct 21, 2012 10:26 pm

Get on the thread. Stop looking and start acting pirat

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