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The Nephews - if it was only me

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The Nephews - if it was only me Empty The Nephews - if it was only me

Post  Kon61gold on Fri Nov 14, 2008 8:02 am

From: ·♥·Gypsy·♥™· (Original Message) Sent: 17/10/2007 5:07 PM
Hello All,

During my recovery from illness I was awoken by a phonecall at 10pm by nephews!

When I answered the phone all I could hear was "have a listen to this"and I heard a metal detecor screaming its head of,

my nephew then spoke very excitedly that they have been digging this hole for 5 hours so far and still digging whilst pulling out gold/quartz specimens as they go, he said they had a pile of rocks that were full of gold and more signals are in the ground.

I was lost for words as I kept hearing their machine going crazy in the background. I told them keep digging and dont leave untill all signals are dug up,

An hour later I rang them back to see how they are progressing, no way could I go back to sleep after hearing what I just did.

"we are still digging and still pulling out species" they said and there is still more signals in the ground, my heart started pounding with excitment for them, ok keep digging and ring me back when all signals are gone i said and hung up.

2 hours later the phone rings again and they said they just pulled a specie out the size of a basket ball and it took both of them to lift it out the hole.

By this time they were both stuffedand were going to fill in the hole and cover it up real well and call it a night, even tho there were more signals in the ground!.

The following day they went to mines dept and pegged a lease at the area, then to the bank to hold all the specimens which was about 80 kilos,unfortunatley the bank wont take that much so they decided to come over here to my place and dolly some of it up.

For 3 days all I heard from my bed was the dolly pot clanking and the portable sluice gurgling away.

about 10 kilos of gold they got so far out of 3/4 of the rocks,still more to crush and still more signals in the ground.

Just shows there is still big gold out there and this find was on unpegged virgin ground!

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The Nephews - if it was only me Empty Re: The Nephews - if it was only me

Post  saltbush on Fri Nov 14, 2008 11:59 pm

That's awesome

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