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Post  deutran on Tue Jan 17, 2012 5:05 pm

Saw this advertised on TV so decided to look into the product to see if it really does start any vehicle as stated on the deals 2 you website.Noticed in the details below it then states virtually any car.Reading further on the manufacturers site it states clearly will not start an expired or faulty battery,in fact if its used as per the instructions the user will already know if the battery is faulty by a green light on the plug.
Turns out this is in fact just a rechargeable battery pack that trickle charges a flat car battery through the cigarette lighter if say the user had left their lights on or cold weather etc.The actual car battery is still required to start the car.
This is a really great idea for a lot of people as its portable and convenient but they need to be honest about the product and its performance.
My experience with batteries is that they rarely fail if replaced regularly and quality one are used.Cheap batteries often fail between cells with internal hot joints and this product would not work anyway.The product has a life expectancy of 5 years if charged regularly but a good battery should last 3 years or more.
There are other situations where this product would also fail to start the car if the battery fails to take a charge or there is an eletrical problem with terminals,wiring or starter or solenoid which are very common.
I feel this might give people a false sense of security and also not replacing their batteries as routine maintenance.They also don,t replace proper jump start unit which would have a much better chance of working.
The price of these delivered is about $60 or so which may be better spent on a new battery,I just had mine replaced was around $140 and the friendly garage owner even did it for me and credited the old battery.
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Post  Guest on Wed Feb 01, 2012 2:07 pm

As has always been stated. If it sounds too good to be true? IT IS!

When I first saw the add. I thought straight away Arrrr the wires in your cigy lighter aren't going to handle the current required to start anything! No


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