Audio Edmund Dunshea interviewed {Majors Creek goldfields;}

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Audio Edmund Dunshea interviewed {Majors Creek goldfields;} Empty Audio Edmund Dunshea interviewed {Majors Creek goldfields;}

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Audio Edmund Dunshea interviewed by Jenny Salmon in the NSW Bicentennial oral history collection

Born at Majors Creek, near Braidwood NSW, Dunshea speaks of father's background and family history; memories of the Majors Creek goldfields; local history of Majors Creek, the local community during his childhood; school memories; chores at home; brothers and sisters, family first living on mining lease and then moving to a residential lease creating a small farm; animals on farm; father's employment; his employment including hunting rabbits, carting goods, clearing land and making eucalpytus oil, the process of making oil, obtaining leaves, selling product, earnings; his employment stripping wattle bark and sending it to Sydney, wattle trees; local transport and hauling to the coast by horse and bullock; memories of early transport; horses; memories of Araluen, crops grown there, winery and grandfather working there; local Chinese ; doctors and health care in Majors Creek; local widow and orphans insurance fund; his social life as a young man; local balls; home remedies and superstitions of his family; relatives; religion and local churches; sports; memories of the community during the Depression; his children and life during his marriage; changes he's seen to vegetation and spread of weeds; memories of the establishment of Canberra; shopping areas of locals today; hobby farms; die back and death of local trees.



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