Gold nuggets for sale.

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Gold nuggets for sale.

Post  Travelergold on Thu Jan 03, 2019 5:49 pm

Selling 10.91 gram gold nugget. 
Has some very minor quartz inclusion in it.
This has been acid cleaned.
Missed the pot to becks.
Asking $710 inc post

A 3.25 gram nugget also from WA.
99.9% clean gold, only in alibrite for couple days to bring out colour.
Was found in a sandy limestone type soil, cleaned with a tooth brush.
Selling for $215 including post.

Another nugget 6.34 grams
Found near Mt. Margret, WA
Was a sunbaker and has only been washed in water.
Asking $420 including post.

Last nugget, 
The shark tooth
Tibuburra gold not cleaned,
This has a very nice formed dome top and bottom is flat.
Would make a fantastic pendent piece. 
A very unique looking piece.
Asking 250 including post

We can supply more pictures of these if you send email to pm box.
Thanks fot looking

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