Nugget Finder 20" Advantage Grey Mono vs .....

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Nugget Finder 20" Advantage Grey Mono vs ..... Empty Nugget Finder 20" Advantage Grey Mono vs .....

Post  johnbar on Fri Aug 20, 2010 9:58 pm

I purchased a 20" Nugget Finder Advantage Grey Mono in Kalgoorlie last December, but haven't used it yet.
Where possible, I use the Nugget Finder 24" x 12" elliptical, or in tight spots, the 12" x 7" elliptical.
Any views on the comparison between the 24' x 12' elliptical and the Advantage 20" Mono, and what would your choice be?
Detector is a 4000.

I was told the "hot spot" was at 10 o'clock on the 20" Advantage. Any comments on that would be appreciated also.

I have limited detecting time on this trip to experiment hence the questions. Thanks for reading.



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Nugget Finder 20" Advantage Grey Mono vs ..... Empty Re: Nugget Finder 20" Advantage Grey Mono vs .....

Post  Beer Beeper on Sat Aug 21, 2010 7:19 pm

The 24" EM will be better(deeper and with a more distinct signal) on smaller gold at about 10 grams or less. But the 20" RM will perform better and deeper on larger gold(especially on multi-ounce sizes) as it is more of a specialty coil because the vast majority of the gold is small in size and larger gold is usually too rare to be specifically searching for it.

Having said all that JP(Jonathan Porter) uses the 18" RM as his general use coil. Some people think that missing some small(tiny) gold at depth with big round coils is worth the sacrifice of getting bigger gold deeper(chasing deep big gold that smaller coils miss) as one large gold nugget pays for many pieces of small gold.

Different ways to look at it, it depends alot on the area you are searching, and also if you are going over the same ground a second time with a bigger coil.
Re: Nugget finder 24" Elipt Mono
kon61 on Sat Mar 13, 2010 9:54 pm

G'day MS;

You've probably heard that, elliptical coils are only as good as their width in depth and a lot less sensitive than their equivalent round brothers in width.This is what i have found out by testing various Advantage coils on the GPX4500,on actual mineralized gold ground conditions,with both natural undug inground targets,and various lead ball sized targets,and found that,The 24x12 Nugget Finder Coil,has the equivalent depth of the 18"round,as targets get larger than a 5 cent coin in surface area size.Has the sensitivity of a 14"round along its front and rear edges,and being elliptical in shape,runs more quieter than the 18" round and has a much more defined or should i say,sharper signal response to small and medium sized targets,[surface and depth wise],and a hell of a lot better,pinpointing capabilities,compared to a large round. Basically,to sum it all up,the 24 x12" Nugget Finder,is not only good for maneuvering through thick scrub and ground coverage,but for picking up nuggets [0.3gm close to the surface]and 10 grammers or above at exceptional depths.

Cheers kon61

Beer Beeper
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