B & Z Booster now has a replaceable cable

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B & Z Booster now has a replaceable cable Empty B & Z Booster now has a replaceable cable

Post  Qld Sandy on Tue Jul 29, 2014 2:08 pm

Hi All,
The new models in the B & Z Booster range produced by Aurum Australis feature a replaceable input cable. The older cable's inner core has been the subject of breakage because it has been stretched or from constant flexing, and when that occurs the booster fails to work. In the past the booster needed to be disassembled to repair or replace this lead.
The new B & Z boosters have an extra audio jack for the input lead (cable from the battery speaker jack to the booster). This lead is now replaceable or repairable as you wish.
All the booster and booster/speaker combinations we have in stock now feature this new addition.

Below is a link to our booster/single speaker page which has some images if you wish to have a look.

Booster/speaker page link
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